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Pune, Maharashtra, India
Female, 3 months old.
Other/Not Sure
Hello Peeps, Looking for a sweet home for our dear baby "Verna". Rescued from the society as they were throwing her and her siblings from society. Her sister got adopted. Now she is remaining. Age - 3.5 months old, Female Location - Wakad Looking for someone who has some prior knowledge of handling cats. She is playful and shy. She is also litter trained and dewormed. She is very well behaved girl and very good in understanding gestures quickly. Reason for putting up for adoption - We already have 4 cats in our home and can't keep more as some members of society create troubles as we are bachelor tenants and apparently they don't like cats as well. You will enjoy her company as she is very greatfull towards her keepers. As soon as you take her she starts to purr a lot. She easily got adjusted in our home with 3 other cats. Please please come forward and give this gal a sweet home. She is an amazing companion.
Vaccinated: No Dewormed: Yes Sterilized: No
Adopter need to carry a proper Duffle bag or pet backpack or pet carrier for taking her from our home.

Posted on 30/06/2020 by smritig29


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