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Team Goad

Team Goad

Akshay Mishra

An Entrepreneur and a founder of an international B2B services organisation, Akshay is an experienced working professional currently working with fortune companies in the global business services landscape. He is skilled in business value proposition, brand positioning & growth strategy, operations management, and international business.

His love for animals was awakened because of a close friend who pushed him to gather all his strength to foster a beautiful 2 months old indie pup. He has been an animal lover since then and has been inclined to a variety of animals with a sheer belief in co-living and co-existing. With an aim of #noanimalonstreet, Akshay is working towards strategizing and creating multiple platforms for animal welfare and care starting with GOAD (Go Adopt).

Email: akshay@goadopt.in

Aman Yadav

At present contented with Mrs. Robinson, the emaciated street dog in the colony who always sits in the middle of the road, Aman hopes to adopt a pet in the foreseeable future. An animal lover, he had previously worked for a short span with the team of Raksha, an animal rights NGO based in Jaipur.

Aman is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in English Literature, in Delhi, and he intends to remain an active member within the animal rights community, to ensure that animal welfare takes place in a positive direction.

Email: aman@goadopt.in

Neha Pahuja

A final year student pursuing B.E., Neha is currently living in Indore and would be moving to Bangalore in some time for her full-time job.

Neha has never had any pet but has always wanted one. She surely sees herself adopting pets in the future. Though she is fairly new to this front, she would like to work for this noble cause as she believes that animals have a right over this planet as much as we do and it is our responsibility to make it a better place for them to live in.

Email: neha@goadopt.in

Priya Shukla

Love for animals starts from home, same thing happened with Priya. After her brother's efforts to get a pet at home, she got Tukku - her first ever pet. It all started from there, her understanding of their emotions.

After spending almost 5 years in animal welfare- having them sterilized, vaccinated, and fostering, getting them adopted- she realised that there is not enough space or funds in animal shelters in India and therefore, if every individual takes responsibility of taking care of at least one furry kid, this world be a better place for all. She highly believes in "Adopt, don't shop".

Remove the word "stray" from India and give every animal a safe place to stay. "Goad" is an outcome of this thought with the help of her animal lover family, friends, and at the top of everything all of her furry kids - Tukku, Bhooru, Joey, Lucy, Chameli, Ganga, Ticks, Baba and her rescued adopted baby, Bobo.

Priya is currently working as an IT professional. She has plans to make a shelter home for animals in future and wants to spend her whole life in serving them and be the voice for the voiceless.

Email: priya@goadopt.in

Priyanka Shukla

For her statement, Priyanka has a funny teenage story to narrate. An instance that took place when she was in Lucknow with her sister- ‘The Scooty and the Chasing Dogs Story’. A few years back, while Priya drove and Priyanka was a pillion passenger, some stray dogs- “good boys and girls”- chased their 2-wheeler through the streets and they, with their legs folded up on the seats, were scared to hell and amused with their adventure at the same time. They saw another good girl just relaxing on someone’s lap. Priyanka tells that she felt so liberated in that moment, all of them were just living beings on this planet, and not dogs on the streets and people acting against them.

To bring the same selfless love in our lives, Priyanka works together with her team members at Goad, towards this effort. “Believe me, we humans need them more than they need us,” she says.

With a masters in Big Data Management & Analytics, Priyanka is currently working at a leading American bank based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Email: priyanka@goadopt.in

Priyanshu Shukla

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings

Priyanshu realized how true this statement is when he got his first dog Tukku in 2014. He feels one can only realize how you need to work for the animals and strays only after you own one. “Once you get a dog as your new family member, you realize that they have all the 'human' feelings and empathy too.”

This is the main reason he decided to work on Goad. We all should know that the animals own a 'part' of the land too we're living on and they also deserve all the love and care.

Priyanshu is working with the tech behind Goad while completing his Bachelors in Technology, petting the strays in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. He hopes to do his small part in bringing smiles to all the furry faces and a tail that wags 24/7!

Email: priyanshu@goadopt.in