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Pune, Maharashtra, India
Female, 3 years and 5 months old.
Other/Not Sure
I have a beautiful sweet tempered Indie pup for adoption in Pune. Her name is Kuku ? ?2 months old, female ?Proud Indie ?She is a happy little puppy who loves to play ?Very loyal and intelligent ?She is not a fussy eater, and will try anything atleast once ?Her favourite pastime is to figure out what to eat next and to chase birds ?She has been dewormed and vaccinated (1 in 7) ?Kuku has the most gorgeous hazel eyes and a mink coloured coat. She is very pretty and has a loving personality to match. ? Available for adoption in Pune
Vaccinated: N.I. Dewormed: N.I. Sterilized: N.I.
Spaying will be mandatory by adopter when Kuku is of the right age

Posted on 12/06/2020 by Bhavikaa


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