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Male, 3 years and 11 months old.
Other/Not Sure
Inu is a loving, playful and active Golden Retriever-Indie Mix dog who loves to play tug and fetch. An absolute sucker for treats, he can be trained easily. Watching him run in the park is a great sight. He is very friendly with other humans and adapts to his new home quickly. He is not very good with other dogs, so he might bark on them and other strangers on the other side of the gate. He sleeps at the feet of his hooman. Loves to cuddle as well. He is lactose intolerant, so can't be fed with milk or paneer. He loves chapati, dog food, boiled potatoes and rice, etc. He is Leash trained and Potty Trained and will be your morning alarm clock as he calls out to go to the loo. He is not at all food-aggressive. Happiness for him is to see his hooman be around him and play with him. He has been fully vaccinated up-to-date and has been checked for ticks and deworming has been done. He was abandoned and has moved several foster homes, so he needs an experienced pet parent to handle his anxiety and loneliness.
Vaccinated: Yes Dewormed: Yes Sterilized: No
He had been abandoned earlier and has moved several foster homes so that reflects in his behaviour sometimes. He need space and time to spend his energy as he is an active dog. Forget those boring cardio days, as he can help you break a sweat as he plays

Posted on 21/11/2021 by kartikeygaur


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