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Cute & Happy ADOPTED! 🐶

Delhi, India
Female, 5 months old.
Other/Not Sure
They were born during the global pandemic and were 6 puppies. 2 males got adopted. 4 were left. A rushing car with no sentiments ran over 3, 2 spot dead. 1 female is little injured but is a born fighter and recovering well. 1 female is fine. We are looking for forever homes for them. They are hardly 1-1.5 months old and are living on streets near temple in yamuna vihar. They are a bit calm,gentle,shy but they are bundle of joys. Once you pamper them with food they will great you with pure love. Great companion and playful puppies. Please come forward to adopt them. You can WhatsApp on 7011641344/9319123387.
Vaccinated: N.I. Dewormed: N.I. Sterilized: N.I.
Please mention you found this post on Goad when you contact.

Posted on 13/06/2020 by Lifematters


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