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Pet Stories: Tukku The Super Pug!

Pet Stories: Tukku The Super Pug!

“I know that diamonds can be found and I did find one”


A day before my birthday on 6th February, 2014, a guardian angel decided to show up in my life who changed everything for me.

Here’s a brief description of Tukku’s life in the form of a letter addressed to my boy!

I had to fight and argue with everybody to get you. You were shivering like anything when you came home for the first time, I was worried if you would be able to live at home or not. The first few days Choti (my sister) used to be beside you 24/7, you would start scratching the little cardboard box you used to live in every night when you were hungry, wanted to pee or just wanted to cause some trouble. One of us would immediately wake up to  'cater' you, without getting annoyed (well most of the time). The sound of the oven used to be your favourite sound, you probably would have shouted "cerelac's ready, yay!!" if you could. 

Running behind mummy because she did not want to touch you was your favourite past time, but eventually you became her favourite and she couldn't live without you one moment. Being at school and thinking I would be going home to you was the best feeling ever. Once a stray bit you when you were a month old and we got so worried and started panicking. You had to get like 4 injections!

Talking about the injections. Your visit to the vet and doing everything to not get inside the door looked so cute and made me feel so bad at the same time. You holding me so damn tightly when you were to get injected, I just wanted to do anything to make you feel better and if there was even a small amount of bleeding, me and Choti just wanted to beat the living heck out of the vet!

I remember when you were like 2 months old and wanted to bite my finger and you tried so hard! We all laughed like crazy. Then you bit Choti once and she bled a bit (that's the only time you bit someone) and I laughed like crazy.

Every crazy thing you did made us laugh and I can bet there was not a single day in those 4 years we did not laugh because of you. You would go to the person whom you'd see sad and just sit and stare at them, seriously how could anyone stay angry or sad?

Bhaiya's marriage day was close. We ignored all the kids in the relatives and the card said "Mere bhaiya ke shaadi me zaroor aana - Tukku" instead. A dog's name in a marriage card? In an orthodox country like India? Must've been shocking for everybody right? I don't know how mummy agreed to this but that day I realised everybody loves you like crazy! I felt so proud, hehe. You were the star on the day of the marriage. You looked like a gentleman that day!



The stubborn me again somehow persuaded mummy to take you to a dog show (even though I knew you are a pug and had no special talents! Just kidding just kidding, you had all the talent in the world) and again I had to argue to get this done! But you managed to make us proud again by getting "your" interview printed in the newspaper. And that's the place you found your first love <3

We both celebrated our birthdays together for the first time and I couldn't be more happier to share my birthday with someone I loved the most.

Your favourite person in the family left for Pune and I could actually see you just lying with a sad face here and there. But you had mummy, your second favourite person with you so you managed to overcome the sadness (damn I wish I learned some skills on how to overcome sadness and be happy all the time from you :) ). Bhabhi started loving you a lot and bhaiya started taking selfies with you all day long!

Choti came home for Diwali vacations and oh boy that day I saw your love for her. You would just never leave her. We were planning for visiting the water park and she said "I don't want to leave Tukku alone". Now again the stubborn me just wanted to visit the water park so we eventually did. I probably would have understood why Choti said that if it happened in 2017. Me at college realised how hard was it to live without seeing your crazy face!



Your 2nd birthday and I clicked the best pic of my life, you sitting and drooling next to the cake. I still have that pic as one of my featured pics on Facebook and I just can't dare to remove it.

2 days before Diwali, one of your eyes developed some sort of a hole. This was shocking for all of us, I worried as hell, what the hell happened to our boy? Me and Goldy had to rush you to the vet, SK Agarwal couldn't figure out what is was but he still gave some ointments. We kept applying it hoping it would give you some relief, I did more research about it on the internet than I had ever done for my studies but it was some weird thingy we could never figure out and gladly it never grew. We just hoped it didn't cause you any pain.



Time for me to head to college in the mountains, worried and excited at the same time, I kept wondering how would it feel to spend a single day without you licking my face. Initially at college, all my friends would look your photos up on my social media and tell me about how they want a pug too. But deep inside I would think "heh, novices, not everyone can manage a pug". But as time went by, I managed thinking I'd go home to your squishy little cute face in my holidays. The time I spent in planning and thinking was super fun! I sadly don't have a lot of stories for 2017 because I was at college most of the times.


4th January, 2018

Tukku's 4th birthday! Yay!

But you didn't look very happy seeing the cake for the first time, almost as if you knew what was going to happen. This isn't the Tukku I know, I know the monster of a pug Tukku who runs and jumps near the fridge upon hearing the word "cake". But we never saw what was coming.


February 18, 2018. It all comes to an end. You decided it was your time to go to the dog heaven after loving us like the little angel you were. I was at my college, giving my exams, everyone back at home decided to not tell me so I wouldn't lose my head and screw up my exams and rush back home, I guess. Coming home from college was a pain for the first time.


You did leave us, but did you really? I’m sure you are looking at us, you are flying with your little angel wings around all of us,  sitting near the fridge and the oven, drooling for the food. Thank you for the unforgettable memories you little loaf of bread! I’m sure the tattoo I got for you is going to remind me every silly thing you did till the day I’m on my deathbed!




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