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My experience of traveling in train with Bobo in India

My experience of traveling in train with Bobo in India

I recently traveled from Pune to Lucknow by train with my pug for which the duration is 26 hours. I used to think that it’s a very hectic process but it turned out to be an easy one. So this is for everyone who want to travel with their pets via train. Follow the below steps :

  1. Book two tickets (mandatory) of AC first class and put coupe as preference. This can be booked online too. ( Try to plan it well in advance in order to get confirmed tickets)
  2. A day prior to the travel date, write an application to the Chief Reservation Officer/ Supervisor requesting the allotment of coupe since you are travelling with your dog. You have to mention the train number and PNR in the application and also the name of the passengers travelling. You can follow the below format for the application:

Date: ________________


Reservation officer, Indian Railways

XYZ Railway station

Subject: Request to allot 2- berth coupe for PNR __________ on _______(train no. and name) for ________(date)

Dear Sir/ Ma’am

I and ________ (fellow passenger) are travelling from ________(source station) to ________(destination) with 1 dog (_____ years old). We request you to kindly allot the 2-BERTH COUPE to us. A printout of ticket is attached to the letter.

PNR: _____________

Train: ____________

Boarding date: _____________

Thank you.

Kind regards,


_________(Mobile number)

  1. On the day of travel check the PNR status of your ticket 4 hours before the departure time of the train, you will know your seat numbers. You need to reach station at least 2 hours before the departure time. You need to go to the parcel office with xerox copies of all the vaccination recordof your dog and a fit to travel certificate ( should not be older than 24 hours), confirmed seat numbers and get ticket for your dog.

Note: You book two tickets and you get a coupe which has two seats in a small room with a slider door, enough space for the dogs. Carry food and water bowl for the journey and the only thing you need to figure out is how you take them out to poop and pee.

And believe me, the process is easier than it sounds!! I am glad that I could do it.

Happy journey people! Don’t leave your furry friend behind when you want to travel. It’s easy to take them along. I won’t recommend brake/ luggage van for them because the condition is awful there and we would never want our babies to suffer.


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