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How do you ACTUALLY help a stray animal in need?

How do you ACTUALLY help a stray animal in need?

Every so often we come across stray animals on the streets, abandoned or injured, or maybe just the adventure-seekers lost once in a while. As our little furry-friends find themselves in difficult situations, it is our responsibility to help secure them.

Going by the statistics, 75% of dogs are classified as strays. That’s surely a staggering percentage and specially when in our country, where we see the instances of cruelty against animals, the situation before us seems too bleak. But, consider this. How about instead of just the animal shelters, who themselves are often running on full capacities, we join hands to keep our neighbourhood strays safe and looked after by implementing the ‘community dog’ initiative? The ‘community dog’ is basically looked after by an individual or a group of people- these can be the local residents around the stray’s area- and contribute whatever food and basic amenities they can from their end to make the environment habitable for the stray. This requires little effort, and with small initiatives like these we can certainly look forward to greater aspects and results in our communities

What should you do when you find a stray animal on the streets or wandering your neighbourhood?

  • Secure the animal

As strays are, more often than not, animals displaced from their usual environment they might be frightened or jumpy. In such a situation you have to be considerate of the fact that the animal might not be violent, as it may seem at first look.

  • Try not to make any sudden movements or noises.
  • Be calm, and rather try to have the stray come to you.
  • If you have any strong-smelling food, lure the animal towards you.
  • If you feel uneasy with the situation, then stay where you are and contact the local animal shelter.


  • Contact the local animal shelter

It becomes important to notify the local agencies. Generally, owners contact the local shelters or agencies to look for their lost pet. Even if the pet is abandoned, ill-treated or injured, the animal shelters might be able to treat the animal in a proper manner.

  • Post fliers around the area

 Fliers help a lot in helping the owner look for their lost pet. Post fliers with the stray’s information and where you found it, with your contact details mentioned. Also you can circulate the information on social media - like groups on WhatsApp & Facebook, etc. There are also websites…

  • Taking the stray home

If you decide you’d rather take the stray along with you, then make sure to keep the resident animals at home away from the stray, for the animal might be sick or anxious with the others. Visit a veterinarian to make sure the stray is healthy.

  • Adoption

We do form a bond sometimes with the rescued animals, as while we help them we realise that they have come to mean something more than just an animal in need of our help. If you plan on adopting the animal, check with the local laws to ensure that you tried your best to have the owner reunited with their friend.

Please save the strays, for they need us and we need them. It is our coexisting environment that makes up our world. Whenever in doubt, think about what you would do if it was your pet, or rather how unsettling it becomes for our little fellows to be placed out of their usual environment. It is our responsibility to make our environment habitable. Let us give a helping hand to our furry friends in need!

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