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Sylvie is a beautiful, affectionate tabby with striking green eyes and a soft, sle...

Tobby Dog

Meet Tobby, a handsome and very active dog who is 2 years and 1 month old. He is n...

Pablo Dog

Loving, playful and extremely cute French Bulldog. He has a lean body and is white...

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How does Goad work?

How does Goad work?


Find the perfect pet for yourself from the adoption listings page.


Click on the "I want to adopt this pet" button or you can save it for later.


A VOLUNTEER will be assigned once a Goad MODERATOR screens your request.


The VOLUNTEER will add you to a 3-way chat acting as the middleman where both the parties can talk and decide everything.


If everything goes right, you should have your new furry bud with you! :)


You can list pets up for adoption on Goad using a simple web form. Remember, Goad does not allow buying and selling of pets!


Once you create a new adoption listing, the post will be carefully screened by the MODERATORS at Goad.


Once verified by the moderators, the post will be marked as ACTIVE and will be visible to everyone on a nice dedicated "pet page".


Once the post is ACTIVE, you can share it to various social media platforms to catch more eyes!

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